Breaking The Runaway Bride News

By Brian 

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Fox News was the first to break the news that Jennifer Wilbanks wasn’t a missing bride, but a runaway. At 4:17am, Greta Van Susteren was the first to break in live with the family, and had the exclusive on their first comments. “CNN didn’t have their truck there until at least an hour later. In fact, FNC’s truck was such in a unique location that ABC and CBS used their truck for live guest hits. This was a major coup on a story that once again took place where CNN is headquartered,” an insider said.

FNC was live all night on Saturday with coverage. MSNBC aired live Saturday coverage until 4pm, and went live again at 8pm with a Dan Abrams special.

> An e-mailer asks: “How can Jon Klein say CNN is ‘winning the quality war’ when the network spent so much time on Saturday covering the story of the Georgia woman who ran away from her fiance? Does Klein think people really care about this?”

> Nancy Grace, Friday night: “I just don’t believe it’s a case of cold feet.”

> “Somehow Sean Hannity got himself to Georgia and scored an exclusive interview with the Runaway Bride’s fiance for tonight’s show,” a tipster says.

> “I hope the cablers are happy that they wasted our time with countless hours of ‘news’ about someone nobody in America knew about,” an e-mailer remarked on Saturday…

> Update: 2:25pm: Buzzmachine: “The runaway bride story is great entertainment, to be sure…But, come on Today et al, is this really the top news story in the country?”