By Brian 

NEXT@CNN is not next. It signed off the air over the weekend. “Time now for an announcement that I had hoped I’d never have to make,” Daniel Sieberg said. “This is the last weekend that NEXT@CNN will be on the air. Well, over the past three years, we’ve enjoyed bringing you stories through the lens of science and technology and reports on the next big thing on our beat. But I’ll still be around. You can look for my reports on CNN news shows throughout the day.”

> An e-mailer asks if the CNN Sci/Tech unit has been disbanded: “Many personnel of this small unit have been laid off,” the tipster says.

> “Another program to put in the CNN closet,” What’s Happening at CNN says.

> “Yay. Lose loyal tech/science viewers. Way to go Mr. Klein,” an e-mailer remarks.