2006: Fox Biz Launch Edges Closer

By Brian 

> Dec. 13: Fox has to “find entertainment in otherwise ordinary business stories”

> Dec. 11: FNC “has been conducting a lot of business about business news” lately

> Dec. 4: FNC inks video deal with Yahoo Finance; Cheryl Casone hosts hourly updates for web

> Nov. 30: Cavuto to start anchoring a financial newscast for Fox News Radio

> Nov. 9: The drumbeat continues: “We’re getting pretty close,” Chernin says again

> Nov. 7: Comcast will carry Fox Biz, NYT reports

> Nov. 3: “I think we’re ready for Fox,” GE’s Jeff Immelt declares

> Oct. 30: Kevin Magee will oversee channel — “in the event distribution is secured for its launch”
> Oct. 23: CNBC’s Jonathan Wald says Ailes won’t steal his staffers for a biz channel

> Oct. 9: This is the “second phase” of Fox Biz

> Sep. 13: Peter Chernin says Fox Biz is set to launch in 30 million homes in early 2007

> Sep. 12: “We’re close” to being able to launch, Cavuto says

> Sep. 12: Grove got it right: Alexis Glick joins FNC as the director of business news

> Jul. 24: “We are still looking” at a possible business channel, Ailes says: “It probably wont happen this year. After that it could happen, and we are in active negotiations”

> Jun. 20: Ailes tells analysts he’s aiming for early-to-mid 2007

> Jun. 5: Roger Ailes doesn’t want to launch unless wide distribution is assured

> May 8: Neil Cavuto says Fox looks “at the whole picture” and is optimistic

> Apr. 17: News Corp. wants 10 cents for Fox Biz carriage

> Feb. 27: FNC may offer cable ops a lower carriage fee in exchange for Fox Biz distribution

> Feb. 6: We’re making “quite considerable progress” getting distribution, Rupert Murdoch says

> Jan. 25: The announcement of a “new network” scares CNBCers; it turns out to be the CW

> Jan. 3: CNBC’s Jim Cramer predicts Murdoch will give Ailes “the staff he needs to set up” Fox Biz