2006: This Is Katie Couric’s World, We Just Live In It

By Brian 

> Dec. 18: As it turned out, the newscasts finished November sweeps in the same order they had before Couric — NBC first, ABC second, CBS third — with each network’s ratings slightly down over the year, continuing a long-standing trend. The first woman anchor had not much changed the evening news’ numbers one way or another”

> Dec. 13: “Stop analyzing her!”

> Dec. 12: Maybe America wasn’t ready for Katie

> Nov. 30: Couric in Amman on her first overseas trip; she gets a trifecta

> Nov. 8: Couric’s election coverage gets mixed reviews

> Oct. 27: How has CBS “managed to bungle Katie Couric’s rep so badly?” Jossip blames Gil Schwartz

> Sep. 5: The big day is here; “sometimes I feel like human chum,” she says

> Sep. 2: Couric doesn’t know the name of the CBS morning show

> Aug. 29: Thanks to Photoshop, Couric loses 20 pounds; CBS sort of apologizes

> Aug. 25: “Perky and cute, but smart, informed and liberal, too”

> Aug. 16: Couric’s celebrity junket for journalists

> Aug. 14: Couric is trying to lower expectations

> Aug. 14: “I don’t know how long I’m going to do this,” she says

> Jul. 16: CBS says Couric will have a daily blog, an on-camera Evening News tease each afternoon, “daily digital reports,” and more

> Jun. 22: Katie is going on a Hillary-style “listening tour

> Jun. 14: “I’ve already made my money back,” Moonves grins

> Jun. 5: Maybe she’ll sign off with “Peace out, homies”

> Jun. 2: She pays $6.3 million for new home in East Hampton

> May 31: Couric’s final day on Today
> May 18: Couric, at the upfronts, steps in front of the CBS eye

> Apr. 12: “Our first date:” Couric and Schieffer have lunch for the cameras

> Apr. 5: TVNewser says: “For CBS, Couric is a move in the right direction, but she won’t be the savior some are expecting”

> Apr. 5: Couric “is joining CBS News;” it’s a five-year deal including 60 Minutes face-time; it’s a big coup for Les Moonves

> Apr. 5:
“I have decided I’ll be leaving Today at the end of May;” NBC says thanks; Couric’s P.R. operation works like a charm

> Apr. 4: On the anniversary of Couric’s 15th year at Today, the rumors become official

> Apr. 2: Couric’s deal with CBS “is completed in principle”

> Mar. 27: “The ball is in her court”

> Mar. 24: Couric is thinking about her legacy, according to “Desperate Networks”

> Feb. 20: NBC would offer Couric $20 million?

> Feb. 18: Couric starts asking NBCers if they’d come with her to CBS — “hypothetically” of course

> Feb. 7: Couric doesn’t anchor the opening ceremonies of the Olympics; “NBC was sending its star a warning”

> Jan. 19: She hires PR wiz Matthew Hiltzik

> Jan. 12: Couric tries to throw cold water on the CBS rumors

> Jan. 10: Russ Mitchell wants her. And Elizabeth Vargas thinks it’s a wonderful idea

> Jan. 9: Bob Schieffer hopes Couric will come to CBS

> Jan. 4: A research firm says Couric’s likability rating has declined