2006: CNBC Gets Younger

By Brian 

> Dec. 11: The net’s demo #’s are up almost 60 percent from last year

> Dec. 4: CNBC launches new web site; it connects TV and the Internet

> Oct. 30: NBC will merge some CNBC bureaus with O&O’s

> Oct. 30: Howard’s newsmag keeps getting delayed; later, it’s named Business Nation

> Oct. 3: Hyping the Dow’s record high

> Oct. 2: A record earnings year for CNBC

> Oct. 1: CNBC is working on new international distribution agreements

> Sep. 16: Looking for a timeslot for Fast Money; where will it go?

> Sep. 15: Cramer is a best-selling bobblehead

> Sep. 7: Glen Rochkind is out at CNBC; the net announces several changes to the business news desk

> Jul. 21: Forbes wants to compete with CNBC with this syndie pilot

> Jul. 18: CNBC experiments with town hall shows at 8pm

> Jul. 12: Someone didn’t get Joe Kernen‘s joke about Aquaman

> Jul. 3: Josh Howard is prepping a monthly newsmag

> Jul. 3: Hoffman and Wald are moving CNBC “toward a broader definition of business coverage”

> Jun. 26: Meredith Stark, new VP of CNBC.com, is charged with recreating the net’s online presence

> Jun. 8: Jonathan Wald becomes senior VP; David Friend leaves the network; later, Friend becomes a VP at WCBS

> Jun. 8: CNBC tries a “checkerboard” of programming at 8pm

> May 11: Thomas J. Clendenin becomes VP of marketing

> May 5: Jeremy Pink becomes prez of CNBC Asia

> May 1: Maria Bartiromo moves the markets after a private conversation with the Fed Chair

> May 1: Will Surratt becomes EP of The Big Idea; Mary Duffy becomes EP of primetime development

> Mar. 28: Mad Money is a ratings winner

> Mar. 13: John Harwood becomes chief D.C. correspondent

> Feb. 20: Ron Insana leaves the anchor desk; becomes “senior analyst” and starts investment newsletter

> Feb. 14: Conversations with Michael Eisner premieres, and it’s boring

> Jan. 19: Six appointments on the news desk

> Jan. 18: “King of Wall Street:” Jim Cramer is developing a reality show

> Jan. 17: “Is CNBC’s management team shelving some long-time anchors in favor of younger faces?”

> Jan. 13: CNBC pushes Ted David off Morning Call; he moves to radio

> Jan. 9: What does Mark Hoffman want? “Intellectual combat”