Prime Video’s The Boys Mocks Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max

By Jessica Lerner 

If you’ve watched The Boys, a superhero satire on Prime Video, you know the series is no stranger to making fun of corporate antics. Now, the show has a new target in mind: Warner Bros. Discovery.

The newly merged company made headlines last week after the cancelations of the nearly-completed feature film Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt, a follow-up to 2020’s Scoob. Plus, HBO Max quietly removed multiple shows and movies.

One of the films pulled was An American Pickle, which stars Seth Rogen–also an ep on The Boys–as an Eastern European Jewish immigrant who is preserved in a vat of pickles and wakes up in contemporary New York City, trying to blend in with the help of his sole surviving descendent.


On Friday, one of The Boys’ Twitter accounts, @VoughtIntl, mocked the upcoming merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single streaming service.

“Vought is bringing your streaming together in one, fairly easy-to-use app. VTV+, VNN+ and VSN+ are now part of Vought++! It’s plus-plus, for only an additional $29.99 per month,” the account tweeted. “Rewatch Dawn of the Seven with the guys, dive in to Property Flippers with the gals, plus more!”

The show’s other Twitter account, @TheBoysTV, reacted to the tweet in a clear reference to Warner Bros. Discovery quietly pulling content from HBO Max over the past several months.

“Those bellends also pulled all their Starlight, Soldier Boy, and Seth Rogen content. Unsubscribe,” the account writes.

Based on the events of the third season finale, it makes sense why Vought would pull Starlight, Soldier Boy and Seth Rogen content, though we won’t spoil it for readers here. Let’s just say Starlight and Soldier Boy get on the wrong side of Homelander and Vought, and Rogen’s extracurricular activities with a specific supe may be something the company wants to distance itself from.