Blackish Tackles Racism and Social Media Takes Notice

By Karen Fratti Comment

Last night’s Blackish on ABC dealt with police brutality and generated 90,000 tweets seen by 1,283,000, landing it in the second spot in the Nielsen Social ratings. Whipclip, which allows fans to share clips of top moments of their favorite primetime shows, compiled all the biggest conversation starters. Leading up to the Oscars, where the conversation about diversity and #OscarsSoWhite, the episode was timely and a good warm up for this weekend.

Dre and Bow realize they’re going to have to have the race talk with their children. 

Dre wants to be honest about the recent racial tension but Bow feels it’s inappropriate. 

Dre breaks it down to Jr. 

The family reacts to the news verdict.

Dre and Bow have a very real conversation about race in America.

The Johnson family decides to take on the future together as a family.