Report: Disney Considers Expanding the Licensing of Content to Recoup Streaming Losses

By Jessica Lerner 

As pressure mounts to stop the losses in its streaming TV business, Disney may expand the licensing of its movies and shows to other media outlets, reports Bloomberg.

The company wants to increase the amount of money it makes from its content library.

Disney recently tried to retain much of its original programming solely on its Disney+ and Hulu streaming platforms, so this move would signify a reversal in policy, the news outlet notes.


Disney has already started moving many of its streaming movies to theatrical releases in an effort to increase the revenue it generates from its content. The company has generally worked to keep all of its programs and movies only accessible through its own platform, like Hulu and Disney+, over the past few years.

It recently shifted tactics and started simultaneously distributing material from National Geographic and Disney Channel on both linear television and Disney+, as opposed to making it streaming-exclusive.

Disney executives have talked about selling more titles to other parties and are currently looking to sell several titles. It is uncertain whether Hulu will keep them in-house or sell them to a third party, Bloomberg reports.

Disney hasn’t formally stated that it’s seeking out further licensing agreements, and even if it does, that doesn’t necessarily mean its material will leave Disney+ or Hulu because they can negotiate non-exclusive agreements to retain it there. But as the reality of running a streaming business starts to sink in, the notion that everything Disney produces ends up on Disney+ or Hulu and, just as importantly, stays there, does seem to be ebbing away.