What’s Your Drink of Choice? Max Drops 2 House of the Dragon Trailers

By Bill Bradley 

For Season 2 of House of the Dragon, Max is looking to light the internet on fire with dueling trailers.

To kick off the show’s marketing campaign and tease the upcoming battle between “the greens,” named for the colors of House Hightower, and “the blacks,” named for the colors of House Targaryen, Max dropped two different trailers on Thursday, letting fans choose the winner through viewership and shares.


Meanwhile, the Black trailer focuses on Emma D’Arcy’s Rhaenyra, who was chosen by her late dad, King Visery (Paddy Considine), to rule. Oh, and remember, her son Lucerys (Elliot Grihault) was killed by Aemond in the Season 1 finale. And yeah, she’s still not happy about that.

So it’s time to cue D’Arcy’s “What’s your drink of choice?” meme. Is it the Black trailer or the Green?

House of the Dragon Season 2 premieres June 16.