AMC No Longer Plans to Air 61st Street Season 2 or Invitation to a Bonfire

By Jessica Lerner 

AMC has decided not to air the second season of 61st Street 2 or Invitation to a Bonfire, according to Variety.

The news outlet reports Season 2 of 61st Street and four out of the six episodes of Invitation to a Bonfire had already been shot. AMC no longer plans to air the shows, but it’s possible the series could air on a different platform.

The news comes a month after AMC Networks CEO Christina Spade exited and the company made significant cost-cutting announcements, including laying off 20% of its U.S. employees and write-downs of up to $475 million as the company restructures.


AMC ordered two seasons of 61st Street in 2019. The show centers on Moses Johnson, a talented black high school athlete caught up in the notoriously dishonest Chicago criminal justice system. After being detained by the police on suspicion of being a gang member, Johnson is put in the middle of a legal battle with Franklin Roberts as the authorities seek retribution for the murder of an officer during a botched drug bust.

Invitation to a Bonfire, based on Adrienne Celt’s novel of the same name, was picked up to series in February 2022. A New Jersey all-girls boarding school in the 1930s serves as the setting for this psychological thriller television series. The narrative centers on Zoya, a young Russian immigrant and groundskeeper who gets caught up in a deadly love triangle with the school’s newest faculty member—an enigmatic novelist—and his beautiful wife.