Disney to Shoot a Live-Action Jungle Book Sequel

By Maryann Yin 

Jungle Book Live Action (GalleyCat)Disney has announced plans for a Jungle Book sequel movie. Deadline reports that Jon Favreau and Justin Marks, the director and screenwriter behind the 2016 adaptation, have agreed to come back for this new project.

Here’s more from Variety: “The studio has staked out release dates, but did not say which product would be reserved for which slot…The Jungle Book and Mary Poppins sequels are farther along in their development process and will likely be among the films snagging those dates.”

Neel Sethi played the “man cub” Mowgli in the first film. At this point in time, it has not been confirmed as to whether or not he will return to reprise the role. Click here to download a free digital copy of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel. (via The Daily Mail)