Zulu Alpha Kilo Pitches Both Clinton and Trump with an RFP

By Erik Oster 

Independent, Toronto-based agency Zulu Alpha Kilo found an unusual way to get attention stateside, sending an RFP to the campaigns of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to become either candidates agency of record — or both candidates, simultaneously.

“We’re going to the top baby and I’m not talking about P&G, I’m not talking about Nike. That’s small time,” says fictional “Chief Executive Executive Officer Frank Zulu” at the beginning of the spot, “I’m talking about you, Donald Trump 2016, and/or you, Hillary Clinton 2016. We are willing to work on both your campaigns at once.”

Looks like someone’s trying to edge in on Droga5’s territory. While Zulu was presumably not among the agencies contacted by the Clinton campaign for future work in May, they do have a pitch in mind for the former Secretary of State. The “full-server” agency offers to build a firewall, and is “able to send, receive, forward, archive and delete all those pesky emails of yours.”


For Señor Trump, the agency has a different selling-point: “Make Combovers Great Again” hats. 

For Zulu Alpha Kilo, the video is just the latest in a line of self-promotional efforts. Back in March the agency released a series of videos promoting the launch of its new website by making fun of other agency websites. At the beginning of the year, the independent agency released a video celebrating its seventh anniversary. Last November the agency launched its “#saynotospec” effort aiming to end agency spec work and, of course, there was an agency holiday card — the unfortunate “Jingle Butts.”

Zulu’s “thriving content creation division,” zulubot handled production on this latest effort, which manages to edge in on the Pokemon Go craze as well as the 2016 election. There’s a point of overkill of agency self-promotional efforts and Zulu Alpha Kilo have arguably crossed it. To be fair, though, the spot isn’t completely devoid of charm, as the Pokemon Go reference is almost worth a chuckle, and at least the agency doesn’t take itself too seriously, freely admitting they know absolutely nothing about American politics in the process of jokingly pitching the Republican and Democratic candidates. By the way, if you want a closer look at the parody Trump hats from the video, Zulu totally has you covered

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
CD/Writer: Jon Webber
Art Director: Allan Mah
Agency Producer: Tara Handley, Ola Stodulska
Production House: zulubot
Director: Zak Mroueh
Director of Photography: Mike Headford
Editor: Jay Baker
Talent: Doug Murray
Transfer: Pixel Underground
Colourist/Transfer: Roslyn Di Sisto
Engineer: Stephen Stepanic
Sound Recordist: Jeff Reyes
Location Manager: Daniel Kaplan
Casting Director: Shasta Lutz
Stylist: Sansyrae St. Martin
Social Media Team: Jamie Cuthbertson, Emma Brooks, Sean Bell