Maureen Morrison Leaves AdAge for MUH-TAY-ZIK|HOF-FER

By Patrick Coffee 

Don’t call it a trend, but more agencies have begun seeking talent in a somewhat surprising place: trade journalism.

Maureen Morrison of AdAge is the latest to make the move; she left the publication last week after accepting an in-house position at San Francisco’s MUH-TAY-ZIK|HOF-FER.

The precise nature of Morrison’s job at is unclear at this time, and the agency’s PR firm declined to provide more information before principal John Matejczyk releases a public statement. But we hear from various individuals that she will be working in a content-focused role similar to that of former AdAge and Fast Company editor Teressa Iezzi, who now holds the director of PR and publishing title at Wieden + Kennedy New York.


Abbey Klaassen, the former editor and publisher AdAge, also joined the agency world almost exactly a year ago when she became 360i’s chief marketing officer.

Earlier this month, AdAge agency beat reporter Alexandra Bruell went to the Wall Street Journal, where she has been reporting on such topics as The Barbarian Group firing its most recent CEO and Sir Martin’s decision to double down on data.

In unrelated news, we know of several agencies that would almost certainly never even let us visit their offices, much less hire us to work there.

Just kidding, we love everyone.