Zimmerman and Jamba Juice Have an Internal Case Study to Show You

By Patrick Coffee 

Oh hey, did you know that sometimes advertising can be almost completely free?! It’s this crazy new disruptive idea they call “earned media.”

More than a year ago, our Florida friends at Zimmerman made use of that practice to score some mentions for their client Jamba Juice. Today we received a link to a case study about that project from a reader who, upon learning that Z Town had won a Gold Pencil at this week’s One Show, took to Google to figure out how that might happen.

Here’s the video, which one can easily find by searching “swishy chug case study” to reach a URL that begins with the word “internal.”

See, that happened. We even helped it go off the charts. If you don’t believe us, won’t you believe some screen shots from Zimmerman’s own internal site?


zimmerman 11

zimmerman 12 zimmerman 13 zimmerman 15

Even the Russians were impressed. The point, we think, is that advertising is valuable … but PR is priceless.


Aren’t you at least a little sad that Zimmerman didn’t win McDonald’s now?