How Bernstein-Rein Retooled its Campaign Promoting a Local McDonald’s Promotion to Engage with Royals Fans on Social Media

By Erik Oster 

Baseball can be unpredictable.

The timing surrounding Bernstein-Rein’s campaign promoting a local McDonald’s promotion offering a one dollar McDouble sandwich following games in which the Kansas City Royals turned a double play would appear to be less than ideal. While it’s not unusual for a team to a turn double during a loss, the spot in question showed a young fan not changing his shirt, or his preferred fast food stop with mom, because, “You don’t mess with a streak.”

The problem? It ran during a prolonged losing streak for the Royals, who dropped nine straight games.

Fans took notice as the spot ran consistently in local markets and a more than a few of them blamed Bobby, who in term blamed his mom. To be fair, she was the one who suggested wearing the shirt.

As fans continued to interact with the account, Bernstein-Rein ran with it, playing up Bobby’s role in the losing streak — and his need for a new Royals shirt and using it as a way to engage with Royals fans on social media. The agency’s handling of the social account seems to have panned out, with a large increase in the brand’s number of followers on Twitter and increased awareness of the promotion.

“The double play is a big moment during a game and we thought it would be fun to have McDonald’s do something to acknowledge it. The McDouble Sandwich was the obvious menu item to tie into this promotion,” Bernstein-Rein chief creative officer Lara Wycoff explained in a statement. “Our social team took it to another level as the social conversations around the promotion and the streak took off. We even took a still of Bobby from the commercial and retooled his t-shirt to read ‘finally,’ when the team finally won a game.”