BSSP Celebrates Mother’s Day by Apologizing

By Erik Oster 

The folks at San Francisco-based independent agency Butler, Shine Stern & Partners have a message for mom this Mother’s Day: “I’m sorry.”

In a video celebrating the holiday, the agency takes an honest look at all the crap moms put up with, as employees apologize for myriad offenses from birth to present day. These include weighing in at 11 pounds when born, “saying my eyes were always bloodshot from swimming,” a long list of bad boyfriends, illicit trips across the border, “for all of high school” and still living at home.

At the conclusion of the spot, BSSP employees switch gears and thank mom, for, you know, putting up with all their shit.

We’re kind of curious about that mysterious “burning down the bathroom” confession, though. Although maybe we don’t want to know.