“Yo B!” – Grey Atlanta Gets A New Prez

By SuperSpy 

B.A. Albert is the new president of Grey Atlanta, as well as its CCO. B.A. is a chick in case you didn’t know. She’s also a brand apparently. “B.A. Albert is a leading brand unto herself, having run her own highly-acclaimed agency in Atlanta for over a decade,” said Jim Heekin, CEO of Grey Global.

She doesn’t even have a first name. The kids in the office surely have some wonderful nicknames for her. Do they just call out, “Yo B? Where’s the final proof at?” Oh hell, maybe they go for the easy lay-up and call her “Bad Ass” behind her back.


B.A. began her career as an art director, and was one of the first female creative directors in Atlanta. She comes to Grey straight from an agency she started called Match, which recently closed. Okay, so maybe not so bad ass, but pretty much.