Cat Fight: Steve Rubel Vs. Josh Spear

By SuperSpy 

Editor’s note: The video was acting nuts, so we had to take it down.
See the full video here.

PSFK has launched a mini-television station, so you can catch all the talks and panels that have taken place during their conferences. Check out this one on social media:

In a “new guns” versus “marketing gurus” debate, Josh Spear(Undercurrent) and the very smart Noah Brier (Likemind) join unsuspecting mastermind Marc Schiller (Electric Artists) and Steve Rubel (Edelman) to debate how social media will change in 2008 and how companies can leverage this digital phenomenon in the most rewarding way. Moderated by Noelle Weaver of SS+K.

Okay, so really, we’re posting this because social media and advertising is a hot topic right now, (Schiller and Brier have some interesting things to say) but also because Rubel and Spear get into a bit of cat fight, which is hilarious and kind of sad. For Josh that is. Someone should have told him to check himself before he wrecked himself, know what we’re sayin’?

Take a look. Skip to around 14 minutes and 23 seconds to get the goods with context. Don’t care about context? Jump to 22 minutes and 35 seconds where Spear attacks Steve on Edelman’s fake Wal-Mart blog a few years ago. It goes downhill from there. We call Rubel the winner and Spear a big, big loser.