Would You Like That Gift-Wrapped

By Matt Van Hoven 

Publicis, in an apparent dash-and-grab, has picked up EmporioAsia, the leading digital agency in China. As the Red country’s ginormous population emigrates to the Web, the rest of the world is scrambling to grab it for their clients.

And what better way for Pubicsis (get it?) to do just that, than bla bla bla.

We heard about this
awhile back and since then, bated breaths have been emitted from our salivating mouths. Ew, that sounds fucking gross.


More following a click.

From the release:

“Effective immediately, the agency will rebrand as
EmporioAsia Leo Burnett with current CEO Vincent Kobler heading the renamed agency. Operating alongside Arc under the Leo Burnett China umbrella, the acquisition immediately boosts the multinational agency’s strategic, production and creative capabilities in the fast-growing digital sphere.”

Thank you, Cpt. Obvi.

So now Publicis really controls the entire world and will have great successes in stifling great work &#151 kinda like when the Persians came after the Romans &#151 or the Greeks or someone. Where the hell are the Spartans when you need them?