GSD&M Is Up To No Good

By SuperSpy 

“It’s been a bit quiet over at GSD&M. Luckily, we have an inside source who sent us in the inside scoop. Take it away Deep Throat:

What’s that aroma coming from GSD&M’s Idea City? It
smells faintly like fried chicken, but it’s more
likely the smell of desperation as the agency tries to
further staunch a $500 million-loss-of-business blood
flow by secretly pursuing the Popeye’s Chicken &
Biscuits account.


OK, who doesn’t love fried chicken? But this account
doesn’t seem like the kind an agency would use to
reclaim past glory. The creative is, uhm, challenging (we hear)
to say the least (3 Thighs for $3!!!) and they have a
revolving door history with agencies – three in the
last five years. Then there’s the inevitable
in-fighting with the agencies already representing
regional franchise groups.

The recent L.L. Bean win seemed a step in the right
direction. Granted, they don’t have the best track
record with agencies either (three in six years, then
the last two years when they didn’t have an agency at
all) but at least there’s some cache to the brand and
a hint of a promise to do good, innovative work.
Selling chicken wings and biscuits? Not so much.

Maybe it’s that there’s already a little schmaltz in
the blood. After all, GSD&M Idea City handled Popeye’s
rival Church’s Chicken way back in the 1980s.”