W+K, Levi’s Pays Homage To Workers in Braddock, PA

By Michael Musco 

“We Are All Workers” is not the the most jubilant campaign ever made (that’s for sure), but it has a good purpose and meaning behind it all.

Director Aaron Rose (former Creative Director for WKE) says, “We Are All Workers is an episodic web version of an hour-long film I made for Levi’s and the Independent Film Channel. The shorts tell the stories of residents of Braddock, PA, a small town in the rust belt that was severely affected by the de-industrialization of the American Midwest. Our crew spent three weeks in Braddock and got to know the people in the town really well. It was very inspiring to me to see that even though this place has been so devastated, there is [optimism] in everyone that is very contagious.”


These shorts also display the life of the jeans themselves. Jeans or dungarees as my grandfather used to call them were originally designed for the working man because of their strength and durability. They are very tough and hard working just like these people living in Braddock. It’s something difficult for the Lucky, Diesel and Apple Bottomed jean (or denim as they like to call it now) wearers of major cities to grasp but that’s not who’s being targeted anyhow. It’s much bigger than fashion. It’s a way of life. Check out some more of the shorts after the jump.

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