Campbell Mithun Merges with MRM

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s no secret that Campbell Mithun has been hard-hit over the past few months, what with layoffs, losing Burger King’s youth/family business, Tresemme, etc.

So, perhaps a merger with MRM, which was announced today, seems beneficial to the 77-year-old ad agency, which was spawned during the Great Depression and has given us campaigns including Hamm’s bear to sell beer and John Denver singing tunes for what’s now known as Wells Fargo & Co.


According to Minneapolis’s Star Tribune, MRM Minneapolis MD Rachael Marret will bring 50 employees on board from Campbell Mithun offices, which is fairly considering both offices are in the same building. Marret will assume the title of president of the merged agency, the first woman president in CM’s history. She succeeds Jonathan Hoffman, who resigned in December.

In a statement, Marret says, “This is a merger of equals. With our ability to create technically sophisticated, immersive consumer experiences and Campbell Mithun’s proven brand-building expertise, we’re powerfully equipped to forge the consumer-brand connections of the future.”

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