Why Is Oreo Making Santa Hate on Nana’s Cookie Recipe So Much?

By Doug Zanger 



Somewhere in the marketing firmament of Mondelez, let’s assume that this conversation happened (this is all made up, by the way).


“Let’s be edgy on Twitter. I think Santa should write a letter saying that he wants nothing but Oreo cookies this year!”

(someone raises hand)

“Um. Why?”

“Listen, I was here during the ‘Big Game Big Win’ when the lights went out during the Super Bowl. I know what works on Twitter. But instead of dunking in the dark, we’re going to dunk on Nana’s cookie recipe!!!”

(maniacal laughter)

“Are you ok?”

“Oh, and we can have Santa sliiiiiide into DMs…”

“I really wouldn’t do that. I’m not sure that you know what that…”

“Hold on! I love the term ‘mumbo jumbo!’ We HAVE to put that in.”

(shakes head)

“So, what you’re telling me is that you are essentially going to have an insufferable Santa because we want him to eat nothing but Oreos?”

“Not at all. It’s a wink!! We’re doing what people do on social!! It’s meant to be fun!”

“I mean, Santa really seems like a complete jerk here. I like sugar cookies and chocolate chip. Don’t we own Chips Ahoy? And why would we dunk on Nana, again?”

“Nana’s recipe has a bunch of dried fruit in it. That’s gross!! And, because SANTA WANTS OREOS!”

“Does he, really? This seems like a waste of time and money. We did such a nice ad last month with the cute elf. That was really well-done and fun. Why burn all of that goodwill up trying to be edgy on social?‘’

“Too late. It’s out there, along with the hashtag.”

“Oh, no.”

“Don’t worry! The responses will be glorious!!”

“Um. Erm”

“Doesn’t matter anyway!! I just nailed a gig at Pepsi. I have this idea with one of the Kardashians!

“God, no.”