Why Influencer Agency Whalar is Suddenly Hiring 85 New Positions

By Kyle O'Brien 

Influencer agency Whalar’s co-founder, Neil Waller, yesterday shared a post that the agency has 85 open roles to fill. Whalar has already hired over 80 people this year and is looking to sign on another 80-plus people in roles ranging from entry to senior level.

The post came after a planning session for the rest of the year at Whalar, which found that the influencer segment is growing rapidly and the need to add more people before the end of the year was necessary, Waller told Adweek

“We’re feeling confident after four quarters of successful growth,” Waller said, adding that the positions will range from engineering to account management, sales and marketing in the agency’s offices around the globe, from Los Angeles to New York, Sydney, Malaga, London and Berlin.

“It’s a manifestation of the growth we’re seeing in the influencer category,” said Waller, who added that the rapid growth Whalar is seeing has been organic. He said the agency is also expanding its diverse workforce, making it a desirable place to work.

“Our workforce in the U.S. is now at 47% non-white,” Waller said.

After Waller made his LinkedIn post, Whalar president Jo Cronk reposted it and added that the agency is “succeeding, we’re growing, we’re creating opportunities and we’re doing it with heart, passion and a common belief that we will be the change we want to see.” Waller replied in the thread that “all we’ve done is focused on hiring an amazing team that are better at the many things we’re sh*t at. It’s cliche, but so true at Whalar…it’s the team that are driving this rocket ship and helping us all achieve this phenomenal success.”

Waller said that while some people have opted to work remotely during the pandemic, the agency isn’t giving up its offices, since that’s where people come to collaborate and share ideas.

Waller also clarified that the agency and CMO Karyn Spencer have “amicably decided to part ways” after just under two years at Whalar, and that she has moved to Costa Rica to start a yet-to-be-named venture.

Whalar made Adweek’s Fastest Growing Agencies list in 2020, and the agency continues to grow through its global brand partnerships. Waller said that Whalar will bring several of its board members to Brandweek in September for a panel discussion.