Why Bob? Why?

By SuperSpy 

I posted an email last week from DDB’s Big Bob from his series titled, “Here’s a thought from Bob Scarpelli.” So, what prompts a CEO or an ECD to start directly communicating with staffers? According to Bob, the staffers themselves. From his very first missive:

‘As I travel around our DDB world, many of you have told me that you’d like to hear from me on a more regular basis. And I realized that I haven’t communicated with “all of us” as much as I have with “some of us.” So, I plan to send out a note every other Monday under the heading, “Here’s a Thought.” And that’s just what these notes will be.’


Direct communication from your boss is a good thing. I’m just wondering if staffers can respond, write back and dialogue. Anyone ever click that reply button?

This isn’t a new thing. Many big dawgs communicate with their entire roster of employees. Does your boss?