DaVinci Does Austin

By SuperSpy 

Project DaVinci is now rolling along full steam. The agency (can you call it an agency?) hired executive creative director, Ken Segall, last week and now, they’ve got another body under the banner. Valerie Hausladen has been named the general manager for its Austin operations. The shop will hold two hundred Dell employees. Hausladen helped with Dell’s search for a new agency, which turned out to be this Project DaVinci thing. Seriously, that name is so fricking bad.

Before being plucked for this gig with DaVinci, Valerie was running her own consultancy group called Edge Communication Group. Hausladen was also president of another poorly named agency, the interactive marketing shop Tocquigny, which at one point, had Dell’s direct mail business.


The Austin Statesman reported that DaVinci’s offices will be in the Capitol Tower on East Ninth Street. Project DaVinci, which will become one of the biggest agencies in Austin. Other shops are supposedly going to be in New York and San Francisco.