Agencies And Their Ancillary Products

By SuperSpy 

Agencies are always looking for new ways to generate revenue. Not a bad thing. AdFreak points to New York agency Brooklyn Brothers that is now producing organic chocolate candies. Anomaly has been talking about products and IP for I can’t remember how long. Creativity is checking out Mother London’s foray into publishing via graphic novel, Four Feet From a Rat, debuting in Time Out magazine.

“The opportunity for the whole agency to write them is great,” says Mother creative Stuart Outhwaite. “It’s an opportunity for all writers at Mother to come in and have a go; relief for the frustrated creatives who want to do things other than advertising.”


According to the Creativity: “Mother and Time Out worked out the deal as part of the agency’s reducing its fees to work for the magazine, which in turn offered its pages for the agency’s creatives to flex their muscles.”

It’s an ad for the agency and a way to keep the bored creatives and copywriters juices all up in the mix. Nice. And catch this – next up for Mother is a film. Seriously, you have to appreciate their tenacity and their willingness to cross borders and fuck up the model a bit.