Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Edelman’s Canadian creative team did a spoof of the internet talk spoof Between Two Ferns with their fellow chief creative officers in Canada. The video was for Strategy Online’s 2022 Agency of the Year recognition. “Between Two Shortlists” plays on the fact that Edelman has been shortlisted on the list twice. Host Andrew Simon from Edelman gets lovingly schooled by creative powerhouses, including Judy John, Dhaval Bhatt, Zak Mroueh, Angus Tucker and Denise Rossetto.

-Adweek’s creative and inclusion editor Shannon Miller gives her takeaways from Pharrell Williams’ three-day Mighty Dream Forum.


-Publicis Groupe has announced a joint venture with European supermarket company Carrefour Group which will turn the chain’s digital and physical properties into advertising space for brands.

-On the latest Young Influentials podcast, Barbara Jones from Outshine Talent discusses how influencers turn their passions into careers.

-Brands have descended upon the COP27 climate change conference for the week—and not everyone’s pleased about it.

-Gaming publisher King, the company behind Candy Crush, will build its use of creators, alongside its YouTube and TikTok strategies, it stated at Social Media Week Europe.

-Another topic discussed at Social Media Week Europe was about Web3 and the way it will transform how brands collaborate with creators.

-Disney+ is putting out great content and growing subscribers but it’s still losing money.

-Not to be outdone by Twitter, Meta is reportedly laying off 11,000 employees.