Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Colenso BBDO launched this “Child Replacement Program” campaign for Pedigree promoting the brand’s adoption drive (video above).

AT&T, Verizon and J&J moved to pull all their ads from YouTube today due to the presence of pro-ISIS videos on the service.

-Business Insider weighs in on “The real motivations behind the growing YouTube advertiser boycott.”


-On that note, GroupM chief digital officer Rob Norman argues that “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.”

-AdAge asks which agencies stand to lose from the (inevitable) demise of Sears.

-Toronto-based agency Red Lion created what it claims is the first ever Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle to promote The Toronto Silent Film Festival 

-Budweiser and the MLB teamed up with local artists for a series of cans celebrating MLB teams for opening day.