Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Droga5 and Philadelphia Cream Cheese have used technology to help you avoid being a Costanza.

-It’s agency holiday card season, yay!

-Reebok is in global creative review. VB&P will not be pitching.


-Refinery29 visits The Martin Agency and its leadership one year later.

-Zenith (you know, the place Tom Goodwin works) picked up Arby’s media business.

-Facebook Sells Data Without Telling Users: Part X in a never-ending series via The New York Times.

-Feeling a little down this Christmas? At least you’re not a wannabe Instagram influencer faking your own sponcon deals.

-Who are the rising stars of Madison Avenue? Subscribe to Business Insider Prime if you want to find out.

-Gotta love how the Brits are so quick to ban ads for making false claims, like when a recent Colgate spot stated the product can “instantly” repair sensitive teeth.