GS&P and Credit Karma Will Help You Get Back at All Those High School Haters

By Patrick Coffee 

Managing a budget as a semi-responsible adult is hard. Advertising tells us this again and again because it’s true.

In October, Goodby Silverstein & Partners launched its first work for Credit Karma, one of many services designed to make the whole process just a little easier for the average Joe or Jane Doe.

The campaign, “Here’s to Progress,” traces the evolution of each subject’s journey from bad credit to financial stability. Debut spot “First Steps” concerned a couple who finally learned to adult just as they became parents (which is a good time).

Now come two further spots telling more stories about people who turned things around with the help of a company offering free credit scores. Cue the montage.

We would mention that dude still has to pay the loan back, but he could be like everyone in L.A., leasing a sports car while living in a bachelor studio eating cheap-o noodles.

Next, a certain young woman is a little more realistic with those ambitions: taking a spur-of-the-moment trip while her ’20s are still around. But still with the cheap noodles.

Justin Theroux did the VO. GS&P, which began working with the brand in January, also helped develop strategy.

“Financial progress is hard work and it can be a lonely process as money is often a taboo topic,” said GS&P CCO Margaret Johnson. “We’re proud with this new work to re-position Credit Karma as a brand that’s really by people’s sides on that road of making financial progress, helping them move forward step by step.”

It’s true. Another taboo topic: yellow snow.


Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: Credit Karma
Campaign: “Here’s to Progress”

Chief Marketing Officer: Greg Lull
VP of Brand, Creative and Communications: Dana Marineau
Group Creative Director: Rus Chao
Senior Director of Creative Strategy: Vicki McRae
Creative Strategist: Kaitlyn Tierney
Director of Brand: Mary FlorCruz
Senior Brand Strategist: Lyndsay De Carolis
Director of Offline Marketing: Adam Faughnan

Co-Chairmen: Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein
Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Executive Creative Director: David Suarez & Danny Gonzalez
Associate Creative Director: Joshua Hacohen & Dan Triechel
Director of Broadcast Production: Tod Puckett
Executive Producer: Leila Gage
Business Lead: Leslie Barrett
Account Director: Lee Wilson
Account Manager: Tony Billmeyer
Director of Brand Strategy: Bonnie Wan
Strategy Director: Kelly Evans-Pfeifer
Senior Brand Strategist: Lucas Goodbody
Junior Brand Strategist: Joe Krakoff
Broadcast Affairs Director: Judy Ybarra
Communication Strategy Director: Caitlin Neelon
Communication Strategist: Catherine Kim

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rupert Sanders
Director of Photography: Jess Hall
Executive Producer: Kate Leahy
Producer: Adriana Cebada Mora

Editing Company: Work Editorial LA
Editor: Neil Smith (First Steps & Karaoke)
Editor: Stewart Reeves (Reunion & Chess)
Executive Producer: Marlo Baird
Producer: Brandee Probasco

VFX Company: The Mill
VFX Supervisor/Creative Director: John Shirley
Colorist: Adam Scott
2D Artists: Lisa Ryan, Matthew Dobrez and Dustin Padgett
3D Artist: Bill Lu
Executive Producer: Anastasia Von Rahl
VFX Producer: Valentina Cokonis
Telecine Producåer: Liza Kerlin

Music Company: Butter Music + Sound
Composer: Aaron Kotler
Executive Producer: Annick Mayer
Producer: Stone Irr
Mix: Lime Studios
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Producer: Kayla Phungglan
Audio Mixer: Sam Casas