Vivica A. Fox Does/Not Endorse the Psychic Friends Network

By Matt Van Hoven 

Watch this video. Watch it. Vivica A. Fox appears to be shilling for this half-rate attempt at a moola scheme. Remember that “Call me now!” psychic who went to jail for defrauding tons of people? The Psychic Friends network (which the above ad is for) seems to be along those same lines. So, how did Fox end up in a commercial supporting the business?

That’s a great question. Apparently, Fox wants nothing to do with the spot and claims this is a case of “unauthorized (use of her) likeness, footage, voice and photographs as an endorsement of their service.” What? How is it that Fox said all those things while looking into a camera? No idea. But she sure as hell won’t be in the next Revlon campaign. Fareal.



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