Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

We meet again, Tuesday. Since the second day of the week is usually so boring and lame (unless you receive the odd sex tape), here’s a bunch of off-beat stories to keep you awake for a few more minutes.

&#151 US newspapers are fighting against the perception that they’re dying by advertising that they’re not dying, in dying newspapers. link


&#151 Now you can use your computer screen as a tanning bed. If ours was one, we’d look like Kevin from The Wonder Years. Even more. link

&#151 George Parker now writes for PSFK, and wants you to know things are really, really bad. link

&#151 The New York Times says that since the Super Bowl was such a close game, late-game advertisers got more bang for their buck. No kidding. link

&#151 Chrysler is putting all its branding under one roof. Sorta. link

&#151 MediaPost’s Kelly Samardak writes the funniest stories about the NYC media party scene. link

&#151 With this toothpaste, you can kiss in 3-D. Wha? link

&#151 The man no children’s clothing line would ask to be their spokesman, Michael Jackson, is being sued. Again. link

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