Claire Dalton Says Trust Me is Already Beat

By Matt Van Hoven 

When TNT’s ‘Trust Me’ aired last week, many of you watched hoping not to be drowned by cliches. You were sorely disappointed, and so was Claire Dalton (who reviewed the premier for us). Below is Claire’s take on the second episode. It’s. Not. Pretty. Claire, the floor is yours.

Nope. Execution isn’t there. Started with too broad a strategy and left us assuming they had something up their sleeve. Nope. No pay off. Just exaggerated personalities and situations.


I dunno about you guys, but when my CD calls a meeting to say the tag line is dead, it ALWAYS ends with the neurotic must-prove-myself woman being too eager for another chance to come out on top, the juniors being sullen and spurned, and the rest of the crazy creative department going ape shit ’til someone yells over them all.

But hey! Good to know that if I was single (and bisexual) I could be getting hot chicks during the work day. Then again, I’m the one engaged to a copywriter. Guess I win after all.

(Who knows? Maybe people who like TV more than I do will be into it. But I won’t go out of my way to watch next week.)

Check out Claire’s blog, Conversation A, here.

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