Updated with Photos: History Channel Wraps NYC Subway to Offset MTA’s Financial Woes

By Matt Van Hoven 

That’s basically the whole story, as reported by the AP. We actually sat on the train that is, indeed, completely wrapped with an ad for a history channel show that delves into the “underground” &#151 and we don’t mean like, trendy underground.

The series is called “Cities of the Underworld” &#151 so it’s fitting that the wrapped subway was the “medium” chosen for this spot. We’re hoping that the “ad space” sell offsets the apparent shit-fit the Metro Transit Authority is having &#151 because even though they jacked subway prices way up not too long ago, they’re apparently still heading toward financial doom ala Wachovia, WaMu, the US etc. Great.


I didn’t grab a photo of it because I was crammed into the train so hard I couldn’t even reach my phone. I’ll try to get one on the way home &#151 it’s definitely worth seeing. As far as we know, this was BBH’s doing.

Note to media buyers: contact the MTA and buy some friggin ad space. Save the subway!

More photos after the jump. (Photo cred: Sam Chase for HISTORY &#151 and many thanks to HISTORY’s PR rep Heather DiRubba)