Thursday Odds And Ends: The Rumormill Edition

By Matt Van Hoven 

Here’s a short list of some of today’s tips, rumors, rumblings et cetera, that we thought you might like to hear about. Send us more info about them (and whatever else you feel like sharing) at matt@mediabistro dot com.

&#151 “lots of shake ups and rumours [sic] at atmosphere bbdo layoffs…resignations…… possibly merging?”


(Ed’s note: The official response from BBDO on these accusations: “…people come and go all the time. However, there have been absolutely no changes in the senior management team,” said BBDO’s Roy Elvove in an e-mail. The official response on the alleged mergers and resignations: “no comment”.)

Find out what else is going on, after the jump.

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&#151 “Unfortunately, Martin/Williams is at it again. They (Ed’s note: allegedly) laid off 7 or so people yesterday. It’s the agency’s third round of layoffs in the past 8 months (Ed’s note: again, alleged). Seems it’s the result of losing out on the Petco review. Leadership there has a shockingly bad new biz record but internally insists they’re doing all the right things. It’s the blind leading the sighted. Everyone knows the shop is broken except the people who can fix it. It’s sad, because there are talented, smart people there. The shop’s reputation hasn’t just been ruined, it’s been demolished. If MW won’t help itself how much longer until Omnicom does?”

(Ed’s note: MW did not return our call by the time this story was published)

&#151 “The entire premise for Enfatico’s analytics engine is based on a plagiaristic [sic] lift by Casey Jones from one of his McCann subordinates. He pretends it was his brilliance. He made a super BIG DEAL about employing Ventana Systems simulation engine and data analysis capabilities as a means of rationalizing myriad decision elements into a cohesive holism. He takes sole credit, while failing to credit the team that introduced the innovaiton [sic].”

(Ed’d note: “as a means of rationalizing myriad decision elements into a cohesive holism” is verbiage at its finest)