Reading List: But Wait! There’s More! (maybe)

By SuperSpy 

A new book has hit the advertising shelves: “But Wait! There’s More! (maybe),” written by Donald E. Creamer (founder, Chairman and CEO of HBM/Creamer later sold to WCRS London) and James Baar who is a former Washington journalist and PR executive. The book provides 35 supposedly “battle-tested insider lessons for the model agency CEO.” Why fill up the front copy table at Barnes and Noble with yet another how-to business book? The authors say that:

“Unlike the current TV pornflick “Mad Men” where the problems of a dysfunctional alleged ad agency result simply from excessive libido and great thirst, the congenital challenges facing CEOs of real advertising agencies and other businesses which the book addresses are far more subtle and complex.”

Those lessons include dealing with such everyday phenomena as insider mendacity, client stupidity and smoky euphoria – whatever that means. There are 8 total. The most interesting to us was:

“Yesteryear’s supermen may no longer be able or willing to leap over buildings in a single bound – Hiring of historic heroes laden with dusty awards may not bring in new business or create great advertising no matter how loud the drums roll and the trumpets blare.”

You’ve been warned.

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