Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Kids have dreams about their future careers, but a teacher in a new spot for Kelly, a global workforce services company, is there to crush those dreams with a smack of harsh reality. The ad, by agency Erich and Kallman, shows a teacher asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. As the kids respond, she is there with reasons why the kids won’t be scientists, teachers and business people.

Kelly’s new “Equity@Work” campaign shows how perceptions and stereotypes can impact future aspirations. It’s meant to display inequity in the workforce and urge business leaders to join Kelly’s  Equity@Work movement.


Harley Block and Michelle McAlear have joined forces to launch their new strategic consultancy IF7 with a mission to act as a one-stop shop to connect with those in Gen Z in all of the places they spend their time.

-Leaders from some of the most admired independent agencies joined Adweek’s Elevate: Independent Agencies summit to share their experiences in the fight to land and keep talent.

-In a new spot, British retailer John Lewis turns a house into a platform for one boy’s playful self-expression.

-Adweek took a look at Green the Bid and its efforts to make commercial production more sustainable.

-The legalization of the gambling industry, combined with its ability to attract millions of eyeballs, has warmed brands to advertising alongside editorial content laced with references to lines, odds and splits.

-Sober October, a month when some drinkers give up alcohol for a pre-holidays reset, has been gaining momentum, with demand for nonalcoholic beverages up 60% year-over-year through July.

-If you’re a person who struggles to embrace your natural aroma, this “public cervix announcement” from personal care company Love Wellness may be for you.