Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-BlockFi, a financial services company bridging cryptocurrencies and traditional financial services products, is introducing itself with four humorous new spots highlighting that by using the BlockFi Rewards Visa, you earn rewards in Bitcoin.

The company tapped multiple creative partners including Anchor Worldwide, Greenpoint Pictures and Ghost + Cow to partner with BlockFi’s creative director Dan Hennessy. All take place at a restaurant with different sets of couples and friends arguing over who will pay the check, from a bad first date to a guy resistant to technology to competitive friends trying to earn more Bitcoin.


-Huge’s new CEO, Mat Baxter, talked with Adweek about his 45-day plan that focuses on data and talent.

-In the latest Open Plan, Serviceplan’s global chief creative officer Alexander Schill discusses the changes experienced by the workforce within the group and how he sees the continued need for environments and spaces that inspire creatives outside of their homes.

-The nonprofit Concern Worldwide is drawing attention to the lack of dramatic solutions coming from capitalism’s most fortunate with a new campaign called Unfortunately Fake News.

-In a new campaign from Feeding America, hunger and the difficult choices it cultivates are distilled in a creative 30-second PSA that fashions food out of daily expenses.

Jolie Hunt, of communications company Hunt & Gather, talked with Adweek about creating a different type of strategic communications agency.

-As the holiday travel season approaches amid growing uncertainty about air travel’s future, industry experts say Alaska Airlines is a case study in navigating turbulence.

-Postmates has created an experiential activation this month with far-larger-than-life renderings of food items that may become their own tourist destinations, including a boat shaped like a roasted chicken.

-Adweek is starting the search for our agencies of the year. If you think your shop is worthy, or you want to suggest an agency, send us a message.