Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-A nonpartisan coalition of leaders from business, government and entertainment has come together to commit to tackling climate change. The mix of corporate folks and celebrities includes Rainn Wilson, Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, Washington governor Jay Inslee, representatives from Walmart, HP and McDonald’s and even an Episcopalian bishop who says we can believe in both God and science.

The ad was produced by Deutsch NY in partnership with director Michael Marantz and Hometeam Productions, with backing from Potential Energy Coalition and Bloomberg Philanthropies and in partnership with the America is All in Coalition.


-New Yorkers can watch a billionaire launch into space today, when Jeff Bezos soars into the air on his Blue Origin craft. Billboards in Times Square as well as in Las Vegas and Toronto will show the Amazon founder and passengers take off at roughly 9 a.m. ET.

-Global agency The Community is promoting managing director Marci Miller to U.S. president as it takes a broader approach with its leadership team.

-One ad-tech business has developed a campaign in a bid to support an attempt to repair the damage done by carbon emissions.

-Dentsu International has hired FCB worldwide creative partner Fred Levron as global creative chief to transform the network’s creative output.

-Colle McVoy CEO Christine Fruechte writes that marketers must determine what the future of work will look like for their organizations.

-The Pill Club created three emojis that represent different aspects of reproductive health, including birth control pills, a tampon and a uterus.

-An animated PSA in the U.K. is using a lifeguard and a seagull to teach people about beach safety.

-BuzzFeed is experimenting with livestream shopping as the next opportunity to maximize its ecommerce business, according to Digiday.