Tuesday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-At first, this looks like a very serious ad about a surgical robot. But then? That expensive and complicated piece of equipment does its thing, with a playful twist, using the classic kid’s game, Operation. For Inspira Health, the ad comes from Brownstein Group in Philly and Alkemy X, which claims that it “makes things. Big things, small things, and all the things in between.” We’ll assume that this is one of those in-between things.

-A little ditty on Special Group, the agency that created the Wayne’s World Uber Eats ad for the Super Bowl.

-So far, it looks like TikTok is the most responsible media brand. So far.


MDC Partners busts out an affiliate program to help its global expansion.

-The Washington Football Team hired Code and Theory to help it figure out its new name.

-What did Aussie creatives think about this year’s Super Bowl ads?

Norway has a good sense of humor.