Tuesday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-It’s St. Patrick’s Day. And Guiness has a message that is likely pretty relevant considering what’s happening around the world at the moment. Be good to each other.

-The 4A’s is updating coronavirus guidance on its site.

-Ford read the room correctly.


-HSBC brings on WPP as lead creative agency.

-Need a bag of 20 replacement battery cover doors for your Xbox controller? It might have to wait as Amazon informs brands that it’s prioritizing food and medical supplies.

-Not only do you get to see someone with food in their teeth, but you also get to learn about a remote networking program that advertising’s merry prankster, Dong Draper, is doing as people work from home.

-Here’s what brands are communicating to consumers in emails about COVID-19.

Facebook is giving every employee $1,000 to help them out during the coronavirus crisis. Very Andrew Yang of them.

-And, Zuck and company launched a $100 million grant program to help 30,000 small and midsize businesses.

-Performance brand company Within launched a subscription service for Trade Coffee called The Hookup based on a taste-preference survey.