If People Were Working at the Office, These Coronavirus Safety Posters Might Help

By Doug Zanger 

Chances are, you are not working at an agency right now. If you are, that’s 100% jacked up (and something we might want to hear about … you can send a confidential email to agencyspymail@protonmail.com), and you should be working from home, full stop.

Mini-rant aside, Harrisburg, Pa., and Philly-based food and bevvie agency quench ginned up some posters to put around the office before things went real haywire.


It’s most certainly a nice (and smart) thing to do, but now it doesn’t make much sense since the agency office is shut down. But … they can be posted at home as well since the spirit of the messages is essential (link is here) and could make kids that don’t care much for washing hands pay more attention.