Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Crowe LLP, public accounting, consulting and technology firm has launched a brand platform, “Embrace Volatility.” The campaign, which flips the perception that volatility is something to fear to something that creates opportunity, was developed by StrawberryFrog in its first work for the firm. The things that often seem like challenges—the unknown, the uncharted, the controversial—can be a catalyst for a positive transformation.

-Puma’s new campaign, created by agency The Elephant Room, encourages girls to show up as their authentic selves.


-Retailer Pacsun is partnering with computer-generated influencer Lil Miquela in its ongoing quest to build out a presence in the metaverse.

Kevin Hart is in another ad, this time as an all-seeing and maniacal ruler of the “Kevinverse,” a personal world for his DraftKings Reignmakers fantasy team.

-Adweek’s latest podcast explores the state of nerd culture—how it’s pushing the marketing industry to respond, the rise of inclusive and diverse storytelling and brand partnerships.

-For the first time, Adweek is creating an open submission process to be considered for the publication’s Agency of the Year awards—and we’ve added new award categories.

-Small companies are finding big success on TikTok, even if their products are boring.

-Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes is bringing Tony the Tiger to Twitch.