‘Trust Me’ Actor Knows What’s Up

By Matt Van Hoven 

In an interview in the Washington Post, Eric McCormack of TNT’s upcoming drama ‘Trust Me’ was asked,

“Having been involved with the show for a while, can you imagine working in advertising?”


McCormack, who once played Will on ‘Will and Grace’ replied beautifully (especially at the end).

“This is an interesting time to do an advertising show because, like so many things, advertising is in trouble. The Internet and TiVo are destroying the old ways, and Tom and I are playing guys who are in our early 40s. We’ve learned from the masters. We are the masters of the old ways, and the old ways are being destroyed by 18-year-olds who blog.”

Weird, nothing about well established publications that have been covering the industry for decades. Eh hem, AdAge, Adweek. Maybe this thing won’t be so bad after all. Premiers Jan. 26.

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