What Would You Ask Martin Sorrell? Yeah. You.

By SuperSpy 

Update: You will see this post reappear so everyone can have their chance to ask a question. The closing date for questions will be next Friday, January 23, 2009.

Psst… Hey! You! You at your desk? Sir Martin Sorrell has kindly agreed to answer your questions. Not ours. Not Stuart Elliott’s of The New York Times or Jonah Bloom’s of AdAge, but yours. Yours, yours, yours.


Please submit your questions for Martin Sorrell in the comments section. We will choose ten to send to the CEO of WPP. Warning… questions such as “what does your breath smell like? Bet it’s funky” will not be making the cut. From the ten selected queries, he will choose five. Those answers will then be posted here on Agency Spy.

Individuals whose question were answered by Sorrell, will receive a commemorative mug as seen below, which reads: “I got mugged by Sir Martin Sorrell.” These babies are going to be worth something one day. You wait and see.

Ok. This should be good! Good luck and godspeed.

P.S. Tip of the hat to my favorite copywriter for the slug on the mug.

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