Starcom Lets 5-100 Go

By Matt Van Hoven 

Chicago’s Starcom MediaVest laid off around 80 staffers yesterday, AgencySpy has learned. A Starcom representative confirmed the cuts today, stating that the current economic climate is to blame.

The “economic downturn” has been something of a wildcard for agencies undergoing finance-based layoffs, and Starcom appears to be no different. However, a source tells AgencySpy that the cuts come as a direct result of losing the MillerCoors business.


Starcom’s response: “…anything you’re hearing outside of what we’re telling you isn’t true.”

The agency did not confirm the headcount.

Either way, it’ll be a rough weekend for the 75-100 staffers who are going home without work. Before yesterday, there were some 600 people on staff in the Chicago office.

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