Toyota Hopes to ‘Go Places’ With New Ad Agency Chief

By Shawn Paul Wood 

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Saatchi & Saatchi L.A., which has been Toyota’s agency for years, went shopping for a chief creative officer for the brand–and found him rolling with Nissan.

Jason Schragger, a former creative executive with Nissan’s global marketing team, has a salty record in the world of automotive creative. According to this article in Automotive News, he has dipped his pen in the ink of Ford, Mercedez-Benz, Mini, and Mitsubishi.

His hire was a strategic one as Saatchi L.A. is preparing a new marketing and advertising structure for the Toyota brand, “one that more closely integrates Saatchi L.A. with Toyota’s multicultural advertising agencies, and reorganizes marketing teams by vehicle line rather than by medium or function.” Its name? “Total Toyota” or “T2.”

Schragger is from Zimbabwe, for whatever that’s worth:

“We are ecstatic to have Jason Schragger join the team of incredibly talented professionals we have at Saatchi L.A. and to lead the T2 creative approach for Toyota,” Chuck Maguy, president of Saatchi L.A., said in a statement. “He is a tremendous communicator and listener who has gleaned a great deal of insight from leadership figures throughout the course of his career.”

Hope he likes Texas.