Today on the Menu: Best Guesses

By Matt Van Hoven 

Everybody’s a critic. Everyone is also a future-predictor-guy, apparently &#151 and that includes GalleyCat Editor Jason Boog and myself. On today’s show we highlight predictions for the 2010s, which we expertly gathered from the ever-abundant interwebs. With no further adieu, here’s a couple things we think will be big in 2010:

&#151 Brands will be like people
&#151 Advertisers will straight up skip over networks and create their own content for clients
&#151 People will look to save tons of money online
&#151 Someone will invent a cure for that thing where urine smells bad after you eat asparagus
&#151 If you don’t do digital advertising, you’re a minority

And much more. Click play to find out what we gathered from around the Web.


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