Today on the Menu: ABC’s Rick Klein talks Mark Sanford, Al Franken and Sarah Palin

By Matt Van Hoven 

Rick Klein, man of our time, hosts a show and writes a blog for ABC News. They are Topline and The Note, respectively. Rick was Jason’s and my guest this morning on The Menu, where we dipped into Sarah Palin/Mark Sanford/Al Franken, each of whom made the news yesterday.


Al Franken, aka Stuart Smalley, is now a Senator! For Minnesota! Can we please stop with the celebs, yeesh. And oh the dems now have a 60 vote swing, the biggest Democrat caucus since like, 1978. “In some ways there’s a ‘careful what you wish for’ element for Democrats because there’s going to be a lot of interest groups that are pitching different pieces of legislation who will be coming to Harry Reid and saying, ‘you have 60 votes, let’s get this done,'” said Klein. “Reality is, 60 is still going to be tough to get to.”

I asked Rick if he thinks the dems want Franken himself or just his D voting power. Said Klein, “Al Franken brings with him his own baggage and his own history. [Dems] definitely want the vote and they take whoever they can get.”

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